Come experience the magic of Song. Story. Sound. in Sedona!

Request to stay in touch about my future recordings of original music for kids that help regulate emotion, encourage gratitude, compassion & awareness of the sacredness of life and our planet! 

up nEXT in fountain hills! Free! Monday Jan 9 10am (see events for more)

Registration online at the Library's site:

Song. Story. Sound.

single class pass $20

The Friday morning Song. Story. Sound. is suited for families with toddlers and younger children not yet in school and their families.

In this Montessori setting multiple ages benefit and learn from each other in the creative music expereince. This picture is of a class at a senior center. My ultimate goal is to create positive music experiences in children while giving them song tools to manage energy, increase mindfulness about our planet and each other, and build confidence in themselves.


Colleen Porter is a music educator, sound facilitator and local songwriter who has been leading community music-making moments with families and groups for 20+ years. She graduated from ASU Herberger School of Arts with a degree in Music Education. She has been writing songs professionally for over a decade and has solo written 3 produced musicals. Her main instrument is violin, which she loves to jam out on with local musicians. Her main talent is writing songs about anything - but songs that breathe love, hope, and healing into other humans.  

She also holds healing sessions, events, and retreats that intuitively combine her offerings from over a decade of experiences and training in healing arts with sound and healing song with the intention to bring people back into resonance with themselves.