A New kind of Spring (EP 2020)

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A New kind of Spring (EP 2020)

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My first little EP is done! Purchase a presale of beautiful music not available anywhere else and help me finish production of my "I See You" album!

For $5+ (name your exchange) you will receive a download featuring 4 original songs that speak to our moment of pause and presence with original music by Colleen Porter.

You'll be getting the download by the end of February when codes and copyrights are all clear. (Those that have already ordered as well! Thanks for your patience!)

All of these themes relate to some of our experiences / unfoldings in 2020 - and two were actually written and inspired during the onset of the pandemic.

SONGS: - Alone, All Alone - Be in this Moment with Me - A New Kind of Spring - Lights All Over the World BONUS: I Can Take a Shower Today

This EP is done! Just getting the proper codes and licensing ready...

Expected release: February 28, 2021

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