As a musician, singer, and songwriter I was  healing through music my whole life without fully knowing it. In my "middle age decade" as I hit some rough, dark moments and began my awakening process. I started to realize my gifts of healing in my voice, music, song, and words that I would receive in moments of high connection. People began to share with me their experiences of becoming shifted into higher, more balanced states through my voice and feeling seen, healed, and loved through my music. My gifts became more specific and direct in its ability to strengthen places of energetic imbalance.

My journey of education and experiences in the healing arts (reiki and energetic studies, yoga, breathwork, and ancient Shamanic practices)  integrated with my music background, songwriting gifts, and vocal practices to create a unique offering... custom Sound, Breath, and Bio-tuning sessions to release, restore, rebalance, and realign clients back into tune with the  higher versions of themselves. 

Many, many songs were birthed in my own journey of liberation and awareness of my soul's essence and mission. I wrote a couple musicals, contemporary uplifting songs, and dozens of empowering simple songs as healing tools as well as mindful music for children. I had so many different ways I wrote songs that I didn't know what to call myself anymore... but most all of them helped people feel connected with their soul. One day in March 2020 after creating more healing music, the distinct message came that I was to call it all of it "Song and Sound for the Soul". And it fit! All of it, even the musicals, helps others get in touch with the essence and worth of their soul. 

I continue to receive healing song for myself, for others, and for the collective. Ask about a custom song creation as a daily tool for your own empowerment and healing! All appointments are described and can be booked below. Thank you for reading about my journey! 

Come visit me at the House of Song and Sound in Sedona...

Bringing you back into tune with you ❤️

In my Sedona studio, I hold the intention to assist in your process of liberation and return you to remembrance of your wholeness & higher versions of self.
Discover the power of a reiki-infused Alchemy Sound Bath session to transport you and clear energy. Add  the deep release of Breathwork or bio-tune chakras with the frequency of tuning forks.

Online sessions can be arranged. Descriptions in links for each level of reset:

All sessions end in an original healing lullaby.

All sessions end in an original healing lullaby.