Making the music in my head real for everyone else...

My whole life I've heard music in my head. Thoughts and ideas often came to me through song. Difficult concepts or moments seemed easier to understand when I organized in neat little stanzas and abstract chorus lines.

About a decade ago I began capturing it all... figuring that there was some bigger purpose to this madness. In the last few years I gave myself permission to take this gift further.  I've worked and invested to find better ways to create my music and words on the outside of my head so others could enjoy it too. As I did it was confirmed this was my path. I began to find my songs and journaling through music was reaching others on a human level in a way that moved them, healed them, and helped them feel seen and understood. I've been working a couple years now to make my contemporary songs real and the beautiful people I feature on this page helped make it better with their amazing talents and deliver it in a way I never could.

Endless Gratitude for each of them and every person that helped my vision to deliver music that helps others feel seen and valued. Please check out their own music and see what else they do! 

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