So many song babies born the past four months! Grateful for collaborations that helped bring them into the world.

The past four months have been so productive after forming the AZconnective initiative to cross-promote outstanding Arizona artists on my songs, many of these vocalists are friends or wonderful people I already have worked with or know. I try to match a vocalist that really shines in the particular style or genre of the song I’m wanting to realize from my original works, then take them into the studio with the full arrangement to create professional recording of it. Finding a skilled pro producer in AZ was definitely a game-changer for me (thank you Clamsville, John, Ryan, and their phenomenal guitarist Marcus)!


A little collection of professional “Spotify-quality” songs is building now from my piles that still wait to be recorded (but I can’t release them on Spotify yet… later I’ll tell ya why.)  This whole period of action since December catapulted me to a whole new level of learning the process on how to make a complete cycle of the song: making the music I hear on the inside my head to the same quality realization on the outside of my head. It’s been thrilling to give birth to all these songs… some brand new and some that have been in me for years!



I kicked off with recording a folk-pop song called “Love Shades” with new AZ talent Jennifer Jones Nesbit (and her gorgeous soothing folk sound), and a week later a new pop song that also hopes to be placed as pet adoption / pet store song: “Take Me!” with talented “Erin Shae” Gunnell who has the voice of an angel.


I then spent a couple of weeks orchestrating one of my songs from my “Bachelor Prince” musical which was recorded by a fantastic orchestra in Venezuela. I can’t wait to share the whole story and the video compilation of them recording it on my Patreon page! Then in April the song was appropriately blessed with the vocals of Sarah Pansing who played the same  character that sings this song “Be in this Moment with Me” in my musical sampler of “The Bachelor Prince”.  Orchestrating an original song of my own by hand with just a pencil and a piano then hearing it come back from an orchestra that worked together to create exactly what I’d imagined in my head was one of the most magical highlights so far of my music making career… that is until I had the words and Sarah’s voice added and it sounded like it was right out of a Disney movie. (Writing music for either a Disney or Universal musical movie is one hopeful dream of mine by the way).

6jYMXgkKTpSz+EEi5zxsCwOrchestra recording pic 1

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Sarah also recorded the bluesy “Alone, all Alone” that she sang in my Musical Cabaret after communicating over a year with the poet’s legal company to license the poem “Alone” to my music. Two more Maya Angelou poems are already in the works and being licensed. Funds are the only slowing that down right now. Meanwhile, there is a little bit of rush to get the final song done (and in my dreams the video) before she goes off to further her vocal talents at the University of Cincinnati. I appreciate the passion she has for life and it comes through in her work, and especially appreciate her sharing in my songs.


Still, I am continually working to learn all these music ropes and become more skilled and independent while at the same time inviting others to be a part of this new exciting journey (instead of needing them).  In fact, at this moment I’m in my hotel room on a break from the ASCAP EXPO where I’ll have three days of education in the creation and release of music. … and that is the last 4 months of work in a nutshell!  (By the way, my intention word this year is “action” and my theme “showing up in the world with my works where they can be heard, reacted to, appreciated and make a difference”.)


More on the specific way I’m releasing these new recordings in a way that allows them to continue… in the next post coming soon: The Journey of a Song

Also follow me on my new Patreon site! Soon that site will replace this one and have weekly regular updates: )


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