Making connections, building knowledge, and getting ready for flight…

The role, life, and way of a music creator has been a slow unfolding mystery for me that has changed with time. At first all I knew is that I was good at writing songs and story through song. What I know six years later is that being an artist is much more than creating stuff, capturing songs, or writing interesting things. Being an artist is a great responsibility that requires you always be in touch inspiration which means that you need to heal your wounds, kill your demons, and practice a daily regimen that keeps your mind clear and your heart in a place of spirituality and gratitude. There is no room for anything pretending or false in your life or any people that are false or pretend. You must know who you and be unafraid to share your authentic truth without agenda or masks to find the audience that authentically connects with you and will resonate with your work. You must walk away from anything that doesn’t support your authentic self or highest state of being while walking towards things that support your higher self and direct divine inspiration. You sacrifice financially… you lose things but gain so much more…. for in the process you become conscious, awake, vibrant, and aware. You care more about the quality of the messages you will bear and the people that receive them than receiving awards or wealth, though you remain eager to give back with any abundance you may happen to attract. You begin to look at other artists as equal colleagues with equally good intentions also on their way to success than to automatically perceive them as competitors. And you look for ways you can make the most positive impact or difference for others. If becoming a mindful artist is also becoming a good human… I think even if I fail, I will succeed. 

common female blue butterfly

For a long time after January’s musical event I’ve been meaning to update everyone. After that event I needed to go back to teaching music to pay off the debts and save money to record songs.  It was frustrating to not dive into finishing my musicals when they were fresh in my mind. As much as I love teaching, it felt off to leave that high of continual creation to go back to the music classes, but teaching is the only way I’ve been able to make the money I need for recordings and professional sheet music (and it brings me joy to lead young children in music).  But after being immersed in one and then the other, the answer was clear that I was close to my jumping point – my leap of faith – knowing that a schedule committed only to the art of writing songs, plays, and musicals was required or I would never make it as an artist or have works live past my front room. By Fall I knew I had to choose a focus and the choice was unarguably to follow through on inspired creations and commit myself to getting them prepared to be released. I have so, so many songs in so many genres to release and just lack good production! I have a schedule now that allows time for creation, education, skill building, technology learning and have indulged in some Dramatist Guild courses in addition to working on my musicals and turning in some HUGE submissions!

More importantly, I have been working on myself as a person, and of course trying my best to capture inspired works, music, and songs as they come almost daily…  I am finally landing producers, artists, and collaborators that I really want to work with. I am MOST excited about helping others in the process!  HAVE YOU READ THIS FAR?! Because if you HAVE I’m so excited to announce a fundraising project for the most AMAZING orchestral musicians that are in Venezuela – and they really need help in this economic crisis. I know the conductor that does really great recordings with them and met him by chance in LA. I have a musical to record… they have a studio and musicians that are barely able to feed their families with what they make. I want to help them. We can help them by recording as many songs as I’m able to raise funds for… but I want to pay them more than they ask and make their holidays a little brighter. Are you with me?? Please consider helping me move forward while helping these guys busy with work. I love win-wins… it was not by coincidence we found each other. More tomorrow! ❤ Really!!


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