Reflections on an Evening to Remember

First, it was so amazing to share my voice and my story. I had no idea how it would turn it, I had no idea how people would respond, I had no idea how I would feel sitting there watching people unfold both my personal story and the stories in my head… this was all new to me.  I was guessing it would be awkward… which is was at first, especially with the opening songs revolving around me and I’m sitting right there surrounded by people!

But as people began to respond, as I watched these visions from my head come alive on stage… and done so well (especially considering our rehearsal schedules that barely existed) it was an incredibly liberating feeling.  Maybe there were a few more people that understood me and why I work to follow through on this call to create, maybe there were a few people that related to me, maybe there were even a few more people that felt empowered to follow their own path or share their own voice.  But regardless of whether people got anything out of it or not, it was out. It was out THERE… and not stuck in my brain or in my drawers or in my closet.

I feel so much gratitude for the support and willingness of every person involved and for their faith in my work. A couple decades ago there was this older man in our community in Waycross, GA…  he was a composer… not a well-known composer, at least outside the community.  I just remember his name was Willie and he had this big concert of all his works with Valdosta University students as well as people from the community. Choir and orchestra, and a violin piece which I was asked to play. I thought that sounded fun and played his piece in his concert. I hope I did a good job, I don’t remember it well… but if I could go back I would know what an incredibly special event it was for him and probably practiced a few more hours, lol. But I’m glad I did it and glad for support when I needed it too, because there is no launching without a cast. Future submission opportunities have just been made more obtainable thanks to all of you… people can see what it is instead of me trying to explain it to them (with their eyes glazing over :-).

SO thank you, thank you, thank you…. to all who came, to all who participated, to all who supported financially or in any way. Forever grateful. More to come – follow this blog and stay tuned for what’s next!

(PS Fundly will still be up for the rest of the month and it’s still pretty far from its goal which was set up to cover half of the cost, and the other half hopefully by tickets, but a lot of the tickets were VIP industry invite or volunteer guest tickets without charge… so if you still are feeling generous it would help me pay off debts and move onto to the expenses for developing Bachelor Prince)!

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