Almost ready to be served up!

Kerr-2-1000x297I feel like I just finished baking a pan of delicious chocolate brownies. At their centers they may still be a little hot and gooey, but today I am sure of this… that when they are served, they are going to be delicious and contain unexpected flavors!

I am feeling so grateful to my cast that is pulling through for me right now with enthusiasm and excitement for their parts; putting in the last minute work on their scenes and fresh lines so that our run-through and show go smooth. I have been to some rehearsals this week and the work/focus has recreated the visions I had in mind and it has brought me such joy to see this! I anxiously and confidently await Sunday night’s performance when all these beautiful volunteer cast members make magic happen!

Even though the list of preparations is still long…  creating a program, last minute rehearsals, costumes, props, and show slides… the oven is turned off, the brownies are on the cooling rack, and I’m enjoying all the delicious aromas of this thing that we just made. Baked with love, love, so much love.


At the door only.  Seats can no longer be reserved through Fundly.before show Songs From My Closet Women's Day


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