Seizing the Day! (and the night, and the next day, and the next night, and sometimes all night….)

Being in rehearsals and hearing such talented singers and musicians breathing life into my songs is the best part of my week!  See Brandi Bigley singing one of the “writer’ songs below.      Reserve a seat to see all these songs live, some with dance choreography and comedic scenes.  A $20+ DONATION to the FUNDLY site puts your name on the list. Look at the levels, some of allow reservation of more than one ticket… if you’re reserving more than one, please email with guest names.

I’ve been acting a bit bi-polar lately… going through a day of elation, sometimes followed by a day of terror.  But with all my music done now,  piano recordings being made to make rehearsals easier, and hearing the amazing musicians and singers bring my songs to life… there’s more anticipation than anything else. I just saw Newsies on New Year’s Day and the  lyrics that stood out most are of course the ones that apply most in my life right now:

“We’re doing something no one’s even tried…

and yes we’re terrified… but watch what happens!”

I’m a little frightened of the amount of work this is but I feel like I’m coming down the other side of the mountain now.  I have confidence that everyone that comes to watch what happens on January 28th will be grateful they were there to witness it… and the music and performers will carry them through both comical and profound moments they can all relate to as a human beings.  The evening will an unforgettable experience of things they’ve never heard or seen, yet know all too well. I am so blessed and grateful to even have this opportunity to share my creations.  I hope many will be there to share this exciting moment with me.


Running to rehearsals with no make-up, unkept hair, and eyes that haven’t seen much sleep is how I roll lately… with Mary Ellen Loose my very talented pianist and arranger for some songs, and Brandi Bigley whom I’ve always known would be perfect for the biggest role of the show.

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