SONGS FROM MY CLOSET… mark you’re coming and help progress along with FUNDLY!

Final edits on sheet music, cast confirmed, some individual rehearsals starting this week!


Look for cast announcement this weekend!

How to attend: Invitations come in the mail with a $20 donation and you will be put on the list for the event at the Kerr but the holidays are expensive, so just save the date for now… Sunday, JAN 28th, 6:30 pm just letting everyone know you are attending on the actual Facebook event page (not the same as the cast/participation page) it helps so much to spread the word!            

Cast and helpers should mark they are attending on that public event page too, but no cost to them of course.

Additional Donations: I also will re-open the fundly site where anyone who wants to donate more than that towards the cost of the venue, musicians, sheet music preparation, and rehearsal time with pianists can donate. This will be optional and in addition to admission. I’m going into crazy debt over this but when you come you will see why I have to take this on…  my closet is overflowing with stories and tunes!

Piles of notebooks

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