The Bachelor Prince musical (b. 2013)

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.23.44 PMWhat is the current musical you are writing? 

“The Bachelor Prince” is the third musical I began creating (in 2013)… the other two are also completely new original pieces still in progress… but this work is smaller, more manageable and geared towards high school to college age participants – making it the perfect first musical to figure out the whole process of making a musical. Young actors are also excited to perform, as long as the piece is appealing to them.

I came up with the concept and began writing songs for “The Bachelor Prince” in 2013. For a while I was writing music for all three of my projects in the same time, but as the Bachelor Prince started to gain more favor and support this year… I chose to make it my focus and bring to completion in 2016 – aiming for premiere sometime in 2017. Currently most the music is written, the entire story is outlined, but the script is still in progress.

Why focus on pieces that can be done with youth theatre?

Having been a stage mom and volunteer for youth theatre the past 5 years – I have been disappointed in the lack of good musicals and theatre pieces created specifically for youth theatre and high school age… they often turn to school editions of Broadway shows because there is little else that is appealing. I believe they also deserve meaningful pieces written for them that can be fun and entertaining, but has deeper meaning and more challenging music to explore.  I realized there is a need here to be filled, and I am hopeful to provide them with songs they are excited to sing and works they are excited to explore!

Recent Honors and Exposure:

I was honored to have been selected to feature a couple songs in the inaugural “Women’s Bridge Initiative” snippets night (women’s writing contest to help identify new women theatre writers). Most recently I was selected to have several songs presented in the cabaret night at the Phoenix Theatre’s “Caleb Reese New Works Festival” in May (May 21, 2016 at 5pm).   This is a competitive festival and a well-attended event in a beautiful space… I am so excited to have my songs performed there by professional talent provided by Phoenix Theatre. These festivals are great for exposure, but I hope soon to also find some grants and funding so I can continue recording, putting songs into sheet music, and fund a first production.

Cast / production type: 

as small as 8… but increased to over 12 as needed

minimum: 4 male roles (one non-singing) also: 1 to 7 dwarves

4 female roles (all have exciting roles and solo songs)

The show has enough humor, and complexity to engage high school, college age, and adults, but is clean enough for family audiences to enjoy. The audience takes part in this musical as well and becomes the audience for the reality show – making it a fun to participate in for both the cast and the audience. I see this show drawing good numbers of young audience members already entranced by prince and princess stories… making it a good ticket seller for families and a great fundraiser for a school or organization. And yet along the way they will be treated to much deeper subjects such as unconditional love, acceptance of self, responsibility, courage to break away from social pressures, moving forward when all is lost, and living in the now.

What is “The Bachelor Prince” about?

On the surface, the story is about a Prince who is enjoys all the good times, money, and partying of royal life a little too much and shows no sign of settling down or caring about his future responsibilities – despite his annoying side-kick Page that is always there to keep him in line and on time.  The kingdom is apprehensive about a future leader of his kingdom that can’t be taken seriously and he is at wits end what to do with him. Deciding that marriage is one step towards settling – the king has been trying different ways to marry off his philandering son. At last resort, he surprises his son by forcing him on to the stage of a Renaissance-style Bachelor Prince live reality show with three pre-selected princesses he must choose from before the end of this special shortened season of “The Bachelor Prince”(complete with an aimiable host anxious for high ratings).  The Prince begins to warm-up to the idea of dating around a bit with these lovely ladies and may even marry one if she is his ideal perfect princess.  The only problem is they all fall short of perfection and each has obvious flaws of character. The Mermaid wants so bad to be human that she can’t keep from hoarding everything she likes and she even collects too many hobbies (to prove that she is indeed human).  Then there’s Cinderella: Ever since her makeover she can’t stop shopping on credit for shoes and clothes. And don’t forget Snow who likes to plan out and control everything and everyone (including the little band of dwarves that follow her around everywhere – even on dates). Though sweet and lovely, they are far from perfect.

Character driven songs highlight their past struggles, failed fairytales, and hopes for the future to take a respectable place in society again with a rich prince by their side. After all they are beautiful, intelligent, (and sing!) plus they are uber dedicated to following the royal book of rules like every good princess should. But the combination of personalities are ripe for disaster and these women have insecurities that aren’t helped any by a pompous, self-centered prince. When the Prince rejects all of them, chaos ensues until a surprise visitor comes trudging in from the woods… and it is a game-changer, literally.

Thus begins the great adventure of the second act… which I know what happens but I don’t want to give it away – I want you to stay updated and come see the show! I will say that in the end just about everyone gets what they want but it may not be what they originally thought they wanted…  many interesting connections and revelations make the second act a satisfying resolution for all the characters (and the audience).

What is it really about?  We all know that a good theatre piece has something behind what it is about that it is really about… and in this case some of it is about the Prince learning to love and appreciate those around him (perfect or not) but the rest is really about the women of the story.  Each of these women escape their harsh realities, insecurities, and social pressures in different ways (which may mirror things we’ve been guilty of ourselves): trying to be something we’re not, spending too much money, surrounding ourselves with too much stuff, trying to control situations instead of going with the flow, and difficulty getting out of bed in morning when on some days we feel like there is nothing to get up for. We may find ourselves busy following by other people’s rules and living up to someone else’s ideals while life passes quickly by… and if we expect too much perfection in ourselves, in our love interests, and in those around we might set ourselves up for disappointment and not being loved at all.


How can I help make this and more great new youth theatre works become a reality?

Like this page and sign up for updates. Check this blog to stay aware of progress, auditions, and volunteer needs. Donations of services, printing, time, and financial support (see link) are truly appreciated and needed.

Help spread the word about auditions for another cabaret, a workshop and production in next year and when the time comes… please COME!  A great turn out of talent and audiences for the first production will greatly enhance the future success of the musical!



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